Make your NFT owners
the center of attention.

Bring all relevant data of your holders together and manage utility and community support effectively with the first NFT Owner Relationship Management platform.

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Launching an NFT is only the start of the relationship.
Your community needs to be understood and engaged.

Easily measure trading and community engagement KPIs across platforms

Feature: Trading Stats

On-chain data

Analyse trading trends across NFT collections and marketplaces

Combine data from all your NFT collections to get a holistic view of your community's sentiment. Drill down on specific data, like new sales, and get a list of all new NFT owners.

Off-chain data

Get an overview of your NFT community and it’s growth

Identify leading indicators on how your NFT community is doing and what they are excited about to improve your communication and NFT utility offering.

Feature: Discord Stats

Get a better understanding of your key community members

Combined Insights

All your NFT owners and fans in one place

One database enables you to create custom lists, manage key owners and deploy NFT utility effectively.

Feature: Owner Table
Feature: Owner Detail View

Engagement Timeline

Detailed view of your key owners

Understand how your key NFT owners are interacting with your brand. See what utilities they have claimed when and what they are interested in.

Simplify your NFT community management

Feature: Moderater View Support

Community support

Simplified Discord moderator experience

Tickets in Discord are messy. While your members stay in Discord, simplify the experience for your Discord moderators with an accessible overview, owner stats, and tagging.

Utility Pipeline

Launch new NFT utility and view current initiatives

Simply select an utility type or create a custom one. Schedule your community announcements, integrate Premint and track the redeem-rate.

Feature: Utility Management

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